Elias Leon Foramitti

I am Elias Leon Foramitti. I am currently enrolled in two bachelor's programs for computer science and artificial intelligence at the Johannes Kepler University (Linz, Austria).
My cv: English German

Please feel free to contact me via email: mitti.leon@gmail.com

On this website I am publishing some of my hobby and study projects. In the following I compiled a list:

YouTube epistemophilia playlists

A few Youtube playlists, in which I am collecting good educational videos I come across on Youtube.

Anaglyph depth view in a 2d world with ego-perspective

You will need anaglyphic 3d glasses (a red-light-filter on the left side, a blue one on the right side) for this demonstration!
This is a fun mini project. I wondered how a flatlander (an inhabitant of a 2d world) would perceive his surroundings. We 3d creatures essentially see a 2d image of the world and in the same way probably a flatlander would also only see a 1d image of his surroundings. However, by having two optical sensors (aka eyes) one gaines the ability of depth view. You still cannot see the backside of the object you are looking at, but by looking at the small differences in the inputs of the two optical sensors you can at least make out how far something is away from you. This would probably also be possible in 2d for a flatlander and that is exactly what I showed in this demonstration.
(not working on most smartphones)

Scale Info

A list of most musical scales, their different names across cultures, some theoretical information about them and how to play them on varying instruments. It also has a quite versatile search function, which also makes it useful if you are looking for suitable scales to improvise with over a certain chord for example.

Hand-written digit recognition

My first artificial intelligence project. A convolutional neural network implemented in TensorflowJS and trained on the MNIST dataset. This was made for the presentation of my prescientific paper as part of my Matura. Altough it is just a few months old I am already much further in my research and gained a lot of experience in this area. So there will be more impressive AI projects in the near future ;)

Prescientific paper - "Methoden k√ľnstlicher Intelligenz"

My prescientific paper on artificial intelligence as part of my Matura. (german)

by Elias Leon Foramitti